CrowdFund Insider Interviews CEO Ficoal Dong

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AsiaVerify’s Co-Founder & CEO Ficoal Dong sat down with CrowdFund Insider recently to discuss how technology is changing the game in managing the increased complexity of conducting cross-border business and customer verification in a post-pandemic world.


While international border closures have made managing effective and compliant verification from afar more complex and challenging for many businesses – there is a simple, elegant, and cost-effective solution. The interview also features our crypto security partnership with industry-leading predictive blockchain monitoring and intelligence provider Merkle Science.




Here is an excerpt from the interview: 


12How did Asiaverify come to be? What was the genesis of your company in 2019? Did it largely have to do with international businesses looking to do business in China?


Ficoal Dong: When AsiaVerify was established in 2019, its purpose was to provide the world with an automated platform for those users who need to know their business partners in China instantly.


The “Problems” in the market for searching in China and Asia were 1) Manual-intensive workflow & process; 2) Poor onboarding experience; 3) hard to track the Ultimate Beneficial Owners, and 4) language barriers.


The “Solution” provided by AsiaVerify overcame all addressed issues as a whole – an automated platform streamlined compliance process with high-quality data in real-time, together with a fully translated result it significantly improved customer onboarding experience by reducing the turnaround time to seconds, which previously can take up 34 weeks to complete AML/KYC/KYB.

AsiaVerify 2.0 launched in 2020 and with a new product line (digital KYC) we are providing services to customers in Australia, China, Singapore, Europe, and North America.


Basically, the customers in APAC, Europe, and North America are looking for our solutions in Asia (especially in China), to onboard, verify, or monitor their partners, customers or shareholders. Conversely, our Chinese customers are looking for our international solutions to comply with local compliance requirements.


Those customers who request our China solutions are either 1) doing business with Chinese companies, 2) onboarding Chinese customers, or 3) needing to process due diligence checks.


Read the full interview here.


If you have questions for us or problems we can help you solve regarding your compliance processes, reach out to us


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