Our vision is simplified, and effective verification, so you can engage in Asia with confidence and ease.

Established in 2019, AsiaVerify’s best-of-class business verification technology provides instant access to business, customer, and shareholder verification data, sourced from the most authoritative government registry information across Asia, fully translated in real-time.  

Conducting compliance checks in Asia can be an expensive, time-consuming, and complicated task, often resulting in incomplete, outdated, or inaccurate information, in a language, your business can’t use.  

AsiaVerify’s automated and intuitive platform simplifies this resource-intensive process, transforming how our customers manage their compliance tasks to make better-informed business decisions.  

Our award-winning technology platform leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP), Asian Optical Character Recognition (ACR), and our proprietary Artificial Intelligence and translation technologies to provide reliable and trustworthy verification of business entities, customers, and employees in real-time. 

The AsiaVerify Management Team.

Leas Bachatene Leas Bachatene
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Leas Bachatene

Leas Bachatene

Leas Bachatene, CEO of AsiaVerify, is a transformative leader, blending 20+ years of global experience with strategic vision, elevating start-ups in the compliance technology sector. His exceptional ability to develop high-performance teams and cultivate a culture of excellence guides AsiaVerify's innovative trajectory and market success.

The AsiaVerify Advisory Board.

Nick Photo 3 Nick Roberts
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Nick Roberts
Advisory Board Member

Nick is a successful entrepreneur, investor and company director with expertise in building, scaling and selling global data, compliance and technology businesses and returned in excess of $300M to investors.

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