AsiaVerify is transforming business verification across the Asia Pacific region to help businesses overcome the challenges of conducting business across borders, languages and cultures and enter Asian markets with confidence and ease. 

Get Instant UBO solutions like: 

  • Cross-border UBO Solutions 
  • Remove language barrier 
  • Customise search 
  • Multiple displays 
  • Meet regulatory obligations



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Ultimate Beneficial Owner
Fulcrum Diligence

“I have worked in fraud investigations and due diligence for over 25 years – AsiaVerify is one of the best tools I have ever used for corporate research.”

Fulcrum Diligence Esther Dowling, COO
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Kompany’s partnership with Asia Verify is important not only for our APAC business but for Kompany globally.

We are excited to be offering this best-in-class real-time official company data on Kompany’s global platform for global business verification and Business KYC (KYB) – in both Chinese and English.

Russell E. Perry CEO and Co-founder, Kompany