How to verify a Thailand company | A step-by-step guide

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How to verify a business in Thailand: A comprehensive guide

With its strategic location and business-friendly environment, Thailand is an ideal entry point into the diverse Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Knowing how to verify a Thailand company is crucial when exploring new business opportunities in this thriving market.

With a strong Know Your Business (KYB) strategy in place, you’ll be well-equipped to confirm the legitimacy of businesses, ensure regulatory compliance, and cultivate partnerships that are transparent and trustworthy. Such measures are fundamental for achieving long-term success and growth in this region.  Interested in learning how to verify a Thailand company with accuracy and efficiency? This article offers a step-by-step guide.

How to find information about a Thai company

Before embarking on any business dealings with a Thai company, it is essential to verify its registration status. With a solid KYB programme that defines how to check a Thailand company’s registration, you can accurately gauge whether you are dealing with a legitimate, legally compliant and financially stable entity.

The Department of Business Development (DBD), part of Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce, oversees the registration and documentation of businesses in the country. The DBD DataWarehouse is an online platform offering detailed information on Thai legal entities, such as company affidavits and contact information. While previously this information was available only in Thai, the DBD now offers some of these details in English.

The following information is available on the website for anyone that needs to conduct a Thailand company registration search. Some of it will require Thai-to-English translation.

  • Company information: Legal name, registration number, tax identification number, date of registration and registered capital.
  • Corporate structure: Information about the company’s directors, shareholders and changes in corporate structure.
  • Financial statements: Financial statements for the past five years, providing insights into the company’s financial health.
  • Legal disputes: Details on any ongoing or past legal disputes involving the business.

Ready to explore how to verify a Thailand company and how to check Thailand company registration? Outlined below are the essential steps to consider.

Steps to follow when verifying a Thai company

Step 1: Gather the registration information

When developing a method to verify a Thailand company, ensure you have the tools to gather the following information:

  • Company identification:
    • Thai name
    • English name
    • Registration number
  • Incorporation details:
    • Incorporation date
    • Current status
    • Registered address
    • Financial and legal information:
    • Subscribed capital
    • Year of submitted financial statement
    • Liquidation completion date
    • Registered dissolution date
  • Management and structure:
    • Authorised director(s)
    • Managing partner
    • Number of committees
  • Business profile:
    • Industry group
    • Type of business
    • Business objective
    • Member registration
  • Contact information:
    • Company website(s)
    • Fax number
    • Email address
    • Phone number

Step 2: Identify key personnel and ownership

When establishing a process for how to verify a Thailand company, it is imperative to identify key personnel including officers, directors and shareholders. This information can help you understand who holds decision-making power and financial interest in the company.

You also need to determine the share proportion held by each shareholder and the total registered capital of the company. This provides insights into the company’s financial backing and distribution of ownership.

Step 3: Collect legal documents

When navigating how to verify a Thailand company, it’s essential to have a plan in place for sourcing key legal documents and financial information. This includes details on investment by nationality, to help you understand the company’s global reach and the diversity of its financial backing.

The key legal documents you need include:

  • Major Financial Ratios
  • Investment by Nationality
  • Financial Statement: Financial Position and Income Statement

Step 4: Translate key information from Thai to English

When planning how to verify a Thailand company, you’ll need to obtain accurate Thai-to-English translations of key business information and legal documents. If key information is lost in translation, this will result in inadequate vetting of potential partners or investments.

Considering they are a key consideration when determining how to verify a business in Thailand, professional translation services can be costly and time-consuming.  These services typically employ specialised human translators Due to the demand for their services, manual translations can take days or even weeks to complete. This slows down your KYB processes and impacts your ability to scale and seize opportunities in a competitive and fast-paced business environment.

Why it’s so important to check company registration in Thailand

Not fully understanding how to verify a Thailand company can result in several risks for both individuals and businesses. These range from inadvertently dealing with unregistered or fraudulent entities to encountering legal and financial repercussions.

Therefore, knowing how to check company registration in Thailand is critical to ensure compliance with local and global regulations, reduce potential risks and safeguard your business as you enter new commercial engagements.

How to check company registration in Thailand

When deciding how to verify a Thailand company, there are several methods available. You have the option to perform a search on the Department of Business Development (DBD) website or visit their office personally.

Another route is to hire a lawyer to help with the verification process, or you could turn to the sophisticated business verification technology provided by AsiaVerify.

AsiaVerify provides best-in-class business technology for your Thailand company registration search. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, AsiaVerify ensures direct linkage to government registry sources, such as the DBD database, facilitating immediate access to real-time company registration data. This ensures you notice irregularities and blind spots that might be missed using traditional search methods.

Why AsiaVerify?

How to verify a Thailand company in real-time with AsiaVerify:

  • Leverage real-time search functionality: Whenever you use AsiaVerify, you’re getting the most current information available.
  • Enjoy direct access to source documents: AsiaVerify connects you directly to government registries and offers seamless retrieval of primary source legal documents. This simplifies the process of how to check Thailand company registration, ensuring you receive current information straight from the source.
  • Harness instant translation technology: You can search and report in English or Thai, eliminating the need for expensive manual translation.
  • Ensure auditable language translation: AsiaVerify automatically links translated text to source material so you can demonstrate a clear audit trail of exactly where and how the data inputs were translated.

How to access AsiaVerify’s services

AsiaVerify caters to all users, ensuring you get the right data at the right time, with minimal effort and disruption to your existing systems. When deciding how to verify a Thailand company using AsiaVerify, there are two convenient routes to choose from: API integration or the SaaS platform.

By integrating AsiaVerify’s API into your workflows, you can automate the verification process for Thai entities on a large scale. The API links directly to official registers and trusted data sources in Thailand, delivering standardised KYB reports in seconds.

If you’re wondering how to verify a business in Thailand without the need for integration, AsiaVerify also offers an easy-to-use web-based platform. Simply input the company details you wish to verify, and the platform will conduct searches against the same trusted data sources used by the API. It then generates downloadable KYB reports, providing a hassle-free solution for obtaining vital business information.


Understanding how to verify a Thailand company and how to check company registration in Thailand is an indispensable part of establishing compliant and lasting commercial partnerships in this growing market. With the help of innovative technology solutions like AsiaVerify, you’re equipped to conduct your business verifications and onboarding processes quickly and efficiently, responding rapidly to new opportunities and setting your organisation up for success.

For more information on how to conduct real-time company checks in any APAC jurisdiction, including how verify a Chinese company and how to verify a Japanese company, our team is here to support you.  

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