Jenny Li Joins AsiaVerify


AsiaVerify is pleased to introduce Jenny Li, one of the Co-Founders of the business. We recognize Jenny’s incredible work experience in financial governance, curious nature and grounding presence as a huge asset and contribution to building AsiaVerify from here on.   

Jenny plays a key role in ensuring the company is led successfully by overseeing the marketing and revenue teams. She is also the curious and daring voice of reason to push boundaries and take AsiaVerify to the next level.  

Jenny’s involvement with the business further cements AsiaVerify’s commitment to recognizing outstanding women in the RegTech and FinTech industries. We are very proud of the incredible women who make up our growing team.  Did you know that globally, less than 8% of CROs are female? AsiaVerify is proud to contribute to decreasing gender inequities and providing equal opportunities for all.   

Who is Jenny, why is she a Wonder Woman?  


Many people who have met and worked with Jenny are always inspired by her warm and grounded disposition. She often offers a listening ear and a dose of laughter to anyone who speaks to her. Yet, she is not just an easygoing person but one who is adept at business negotiation, strategic thinking and delivering fantastic results. She has worked in and across MNCs, high growth starts up to improve financial governance in the last 15 years. It’s no surprise that the balance of all sides of her personality had landed her a nickname as Wonder Woman amongst her peers and colleagues.  

We sat down with Jenny and asked her some questions about her decision and journey to come on board AsiaVerify.  

Tell us a little bit about your background – where you started off to where you are now in your career.  

JL: I came to Australia from China at the age of 16, curious about what tomorrow brings. 24 years later, I grew a number of start-ups into well-established global businesses, and I’m still curious about what tomorrow brings! 

What inspires you to work for a cause/company/business? – what did you find in AV in this case? 

JL: At the age of 40, purpose means a little more to me. I enjoy waking up in the morning knowing our team & I will create a bit of impact by helping businesses, especially those that are underserved and could benefit from smart technology. I firmly believe each business, despite size, location, and market segment can benefit from a better engagement experience with its key stakeholders. AsiaVerify in my view is an enabler and optimiser to help our clients and partners to stay safe and competitive so that they can grow and scale more efficiently. Our smart technology helps businesses prevent fraudulent activities, improve visibility, build credibility & trust, yet save time & money at the same time. The belief of ‘we exist to change the world a little gives me endless passion and energy each day! 

What are you looking forward to bringing to AsiaVerify? 

JL: The spirit of remaining curious, the secret source of innovation. We will continue to ask & listen to our clients. We are committed to research & development to ensure our products deliver the solutions and experience the market is craving. 

Could you share with us one approach to work that has helped you in your career? 

JL: I celebrate diversity & inclusion, this is one of my core values. I appreciate constructive voices from every team member of the business despite their age, cultural background, gender and position. These inputs provide AsiaVerify with inspirations, perspectives & innovative ideas. Each team member helps us stay relevant to the market and the audience we serve. No matter how busy my day is, I always have time and patience for our team members. 

Could you share what you like to do outside of work?  

JL: Consuming fermented grapes is what I enjoy doing, some people call them ‘wine’, same thing to me!  I have an eight years old daughter and going to different places with her and seeing the world from her eyes is a beautiful thing I’d like to do more often. Oh….and I must add, I don’t think I will stop dancing even when I reach 80. 


You can contact Jenny at: [email protected] 

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