Meet AsiaVerify’s new Chief Revenue Officer, Eelee Lua

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AsiaVerify is pleased to announce the appointment of Eelee Lua as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), recognizing Eelee’s outstanding talents, abilities and contribution to building and leading AsiaVerify so far in our growth


The CRO is a strategic leader bringing AsiaVerify’s revenue streams and strategies together under one cohesive team with shared goals. The CRO leads the marketing, business development and client success teams, coordinating their work and streamlining processes to facilitate outstanding client experiences while also growing AsiaVerify’s revenue.

AsiaVerify has hugely ambitious goals for 2022 as we strive to deliver a greater than 400% growth YoY, as we continue to unveil further product features and advantages and expand the jurisdictions we cover. Eelee Lua will be pivotal in driving this success.


Her appointment also reflects AsiaVerify’s ongoing commitment to recognizing outstanding women in the RegTech and FinTech industries. We are very proud of the incredible women who make up our growing team. Did you know that globally, less than 8% of CROs are female? AsiaVerify is proud to be part of the shift towards moving this statistic.


But who is Eelee?



We know many of you have interacted with Eelee. She came to AsiaVerify from client success and people management roles in the RegTech industry before making the move into heading up the Global Partnership team at AsiaVerify. This move pushed her outside her comfort zone as she entered a more sales focused role, but her successes show her ability to thrive and develop in challenging environments.


Eelee is known for her client-led approach and attention to client needs. Her time leading the Partnerships team has been central to the development of AsiaVerify’s reputation for being 100% transparent and committed to client solutions. Her client understanding and expert knowledge of complex compliance and regulatory challenges have been regularly recognized by our clients.


Moving into the CRO role, Eelee is looking forward to providing more positive impacts. In particular, she is committed to continuing to cement AsiaVerify’s leadership role in the market while delivering exceptional growth and revenue to enable AsiaVerify to further innovate and pioneer game-changing solutions.


Eelee tells us that she is particularly proud of the fact that AsiaVerify does not shy away from the hard challenges or the previously thought impossible solutions in the market, and focuses on delivering the real solutions, big and small, to really solve pain points and transform how clients conduct compliance and verification. Having already delivered state of the art auto-translation technology, and real-time access to government registry data to the world, as well as innovating character translation technology, AsiaVerify does not rest on our laurels. We are investing in developing and maintaining the infrastructure and features needed by our clients regardless of how challenging these are to bring to life.


Part of this is an investment in our people and culture. The team and work ethic at AsiaVerify are amazing, and we pride ourselves on our innovative, dynamic, fast-paced, close-knit, goals driven workplace. Our team gets really excited when they find something that looks like a show-stopping challenge or roadblock as they dismantle previous barriers and innovate ground-breaking solutions. Eelee has been a central part of developing this culture, passionate about ensuring that she understands each of her team members ‘currency’ of how they feel rewarded and motivated at work and that they are empowered to be making an impact, while also enjoying their work. This makes AsiaVerify a sustainable and nurturing environment where careers can develop and flourish.


Outside of work, Eelee is an accomplished and talented potter and she can be found every Friday evening in a pottery studio. She finds this to be an extremely relaxing and zen-like pastime, requiring you to become completely present and living in the moment:


You must be focused on nothing but the clay in your hands if you want to raise it and shape it effectively. The moment you are thinking about work, or some other past or future worry, you have lost it… the clay will collapse, fail to rise or shape effectively and the process will suffer or collapse.


We are indeed fortunate to have such a creative, talented and passionate member in our leadership team, and we wish her every success in her new role. We are sure you will join us in congratulating Eelee on her new role.


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