Overcome the language barrier, get your KYB report in Real-time.


The traditional approach to business verification is often deemed a labour-intensive task, particularly with many tasks for different countries. AsiaVerify provides real-time KYB reporting with government-sourced data.





Today, AsiaVerify is excited to announce our newly launched solution: Real-time Taiwan and Japan company search, an exciting milestone in our journey. This move is a voyage about further expanding overseas markets and helping global companies mitigate compliance risks.


AsiaVerify focuses on building an automated, simplified, and streamlined solution for risk mitigation, and addressing the slow and painful process that firms face while verifying entities around the globe as part of their KYB/KYC/AML processes.  Our “China company check” has helped many clients from all corners of the world to access the information instantly, making sure clients have an easy and convenient search for their needs. Simultaneously, this helps serve the clients and improve the user experience. We are proud that our China company check service has been recognized and rewarded by well-known global partners in the industry.

Why Taiwan and Japan?


When working together with our partners and clients, there is growing demand and support from the public and private sectors asking for Taiwan and Japan’s solutions. At the same time, foreigners always are stressed out by the language barrier. We turn these requirements into their competitive advantage. We listen to the market’s voice firsthand and try to solve the pain point by delivering reports in both original language and English in real-time. All records within the database have unique identifiers, and our data comes with the highest possible veracity, as it’s retrieved straight from the most reliable publicly available sources of information.


AsiaVerify’s Taiwan and Japan reports can unlock unique advantages that include:

  • Ensure Taiwan and Japan’s registration information are legally registered
  • Get full company registration, including main directors, representatives, and major shareholders
  • A turnaround in just a few seconds in both original language and English



AsiaVerify provides compliance services including credit reports and enhanced due diligence services. If you would like to know more,


reach out to us

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