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The diversity of languages and writing systems across human societies has never ceased to amaze us.

One of the biggest barriers our clients face when engaging successfully with Asian trade partners and customers is handling documents written in different languages, alphabets and characters. We are therefore delighted to release our new, sophisticated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature, designed specifically for the APAC region; called ACR (Asian Character Recognition).
Unlike other OCR tools available in the market today, our ACR technology is specialised and tailored to make Asian customer and merchant onboarding simpler, speedier and more accurate.


What makes our technology different?

Specialisation: our ACR was built with a focus on recognising and working with documents in different Asian languages including those from the Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese markets

Accuracy: greatly improved accuracy allows the onboarding of more of your customers and merchants; combined with the confidence that regulatory requirements are being met.

Speed: our tool significantly speeds up the process of onboarding and verification.


How have we done this?

Instead of manually providing inputs, IDs can simply be uploaded or sent via API. Data is then automatically extracted and processed for data verification and matching.
This feature neatly bolts on to our best in class, real-time translation and verification software, allowing us to provide you with the complete package of translation and verification, all at the touch of a button, saving you time, and money and increasing your revenue potential. Our OCR technology can also be used as a stand-alone feature or as part of your integrated and tailored package.


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