#FraudFighter Challenge Day 4: Fall from grace


To celebrate the launch of our next generation UBO technology, we’re calling all #fraudfighters to play along over the next five days, following the clues to unmask the mastermind and unveil the Ultimate Beneficial Owner! Our ultimate fraudfighter will solve the mystery and unveil the UBO first, to win a Visa giftcard of SGD$500.  Several other prizes are also on offer, with winners to be announced at the launch!

AsiaVerify dares you to complete our challenge!

It’s time to dust off your detective monocle! Day #4 is here:

An (fictional) excerpt from the Australian Money Review:

Breaking news: Takshaka falls from grace: match-fixing allegations, stone-tampering and bribery charges at the International Curling Spectacular

It seems that the taint of corruption and match-fixing lingers around Apalala Takshaka in his first appearance since the 2018 World Championship scandals. Officials and police from Hong Kong’s elite AML squad were called to recent events at the Breathing Fire International Curling Spectacular, following reports of suspicious betting patterns. In particular, questions were raised in relation to the usual performance of the relatively new partnership, the Bayside Basilisks, consisting of veteran Australian curler Greg Pebbles and Singaporean newcomer and prodigy Lung Mo Li.  Breaking with mainstream curling practice, maverick Pebbles chose to adopt Kaliya Masonry as his supplier of stones despite their documented history of erratic performance.  This pattern continued over the tournament, with Pebbles and Li struggling to develop a consistent rhythm, despite flashes of brilliance.  The pair ultimately finished out of the placings.

Unusual betting activity was noted, with extraordinary sums of money being placed on the results of the Basilisks’ matches.  Li’s performance was in the spotlight as significant bets were placed before throws of hers which were especially unpredictable.  The parties placing the bets were identified as agents of Takshaka.

Takshaka’s attorney released a statement claiming “My client is innocent of these scurrilous charges.  There is no evidence of either match-fixing or stone-tampering with Kaliya Masonry’s curling stones. We completely refute all such baseless accusations.”

Police and forensic accountants are in the process of following the money trail, so far resulting in dead-ends. Takshaka apparently used his company credit cards to place the bets, the combined total of which amounts to HK$5.3M (approx. $1M AUD).

The eventual winners of the tournament, New Zealand team, the Tolaga Bay Taniwha’s, have remained above the controversy, stating that their win was a reflection of their hard work, and the support of their sponsors Ogrand Stone. The pair are now focusing on final preparations for the upcoming World Championships.

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