#FraudFighter Challenge Day 3: Beware the thin ice


To celebrate the launch of our next generation UBO technology, we’re calling all #fraudfighters to play along over the next five days, following the clues to unmask the mastermind and unveil the Ultimate Beneficial Owner! Our ultimate fraudfighter will solve the mystery and unveil the UBO first, to win a Visa giftcard of SGD$500.  Several other prizes are also on offer, with winners to be announced at the launch!

AsiaVerify dares you to complete our challenge!

It’s time to dust off your detective monocle and start fighting fraud! Day #3 is here:

An (fictional) excerpt from the Hong Kong Winter Sports Gazette:

Breaking news: The day Hong Kong’s curling community has been waiting for has finally arrived!

The inaugural Hong Kong International Curling Spectacular, sponsored by Breathing Fire, begins today.  A selection event to this year’s World Championships, also to be held in Hong Kong, it has attracted the world’s best curlers to battle it out for the sport’s largest prize pool of HK$534,782.30. Held at the Mega Ice at MegaBox, with spectacular views over Kowloon East, the championship promises to be a feast for the eyes for both spectators and competitors.

All eyes will be on Greg Pebbles and his protégé Lung Mo Li, who are competing in the mixed doubles event.  Fans of the sport know Pebbles as a legend of the game, famed for the reverse curl on his throws and the development of the Singapore Slide delivery in which the player slides forward on the heel, rather than the full foot or ball of the foot.

His pairing with Li has raised some eyebrows as he has not stepped onto the rink sine the disintegration of his previous partnership with former Australian Curling Champion, Kylie Kelly.  Kelly and Pebbles are said to have fallen out over Pebbles’ shift to a non-traditional supplier of stones, Kaliya Masonry, with Kelly preferring to remain with Kays of Scotland.  Kelly has since retired from the sport and is now supporting her husband, disgraced entrepreneur Stephen Kelly, as he battles charges of money laundering and smuggling.

This event is the first time Kaliya stones are being used internationally, and there is some debate as to how they will perform over the course of competition.  There have been reports that the weight distribution of the stones varies which impacts their travel on the ice.   Certainly, their performance in trials and domestic competition has been patchy, making the commitment of Pebbles and Li to Kaliya a courageous one.

Pebbles and Li’s warm-up session at the rink yesterday under the supervision of Kaliya’s general manager, Apalala Takshaka, yielded mixed results. Takshaka, former Team USA Curling Coach is barred from coaching any winter sport until 2028, following the 2018 World Championship’s match-fixing debacle, of which he was found guilty as a co-conspirer.  His first appearance rinkside since the saga has not been smooth sailing. The Kaliya stones performance appeared erratic and at times difficult to control. The group were seen in some tense conversations yesterday, and bookmakers have dropped the duo back to a 50:1 outside chance in the tournament placings.  Takshaka has confirmed with the Tournament Organisers that a new shipment of stones is said to be arriving by special delivery today, though whether they arrive in time for the tournament is anyone’s guess.

We’re certainly in for an exciting few days of competition here!  Breathing Fire looks forward to welcoming everyone to watch all the action unfold live at Big Ice.

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