#FraudFighter Challenge Day 2: Into the murky waters


To celebrate the launch of our next generation UBO technology, we’re calling all #fraudfighters to play along over the next five days, following the clues to unmask the mastermind and unveil the Ultimate Beneficial Owner! Our ultimate fraudfighter will solve the mystery and unveil the UBO first, to win a Visa giftcard of SGD$500.  Several other prizes are also on offer, with winners to be announced at the launch!

AsiaVerify dares you to complete our challenge!

It’s time to dust off your detective monocle and start fighting fraud! Day #2 is here:

Fraudfighter Challenge (1)

An (fictional) excerpt from Singapore News Daily:

Breaking news: assault and attempted murder victim identified

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) have today announced that the mysterious man pulled from the Singapore River near the Marina Reservoir has been identified as a Mr Chu Han Cheng. Mr Cheng was the victim of a savage assault which culminated in his being dumped unconscious into the river and left for dead.  Thanks to the quick thinking of several passersby, Mr Cheng was taken to Ng Teng Fong Hospital where he has remained in a medically induced coma until now.

Mr Cheng was reported missing by his girlfriend on Sunday when he failed to return from a yachting trip organized by his employer, Hong Kong’s Breathing Fire Nicotine Company.  Last seen boarding the company’s cruiser at the Marina for a planned three day cruise, nothing more was seen of Mr Cheng until he was retrieved from his watery bed.  The cruiser, the Dragon Star, is moored in its berth, provided no clues to the incident, apart from being recorded as re-entering the marina mere hours before the discovery of Mr Cheng.

Now that he is again conscious, Police have confirmed that Mr Cheng maintains that he has no recollection of how he sustained his injuries or came to be in the river.   The SPF are now seeking information from potential witnesses and wish to speak to all guests and staff on the cruise, in particular the owners and operators of the Dragon Star.  Other guests of interest include a Mr Pebbles, recently arrived from Australia as part of the high-performance coaching group for the Singapore National Curling Team.  Mr Pebbles, a doyen of the snowy sport in the Asia-Pacific, was invited to help the team prepare for the upcoming world championships to be held in Hong Kong in the coming weeks.  Unfortunately, Mr Pebbles was unable to be contacted for comment, and appears to have left for the championships already, accompanied by a Ms Lung Mo Li who is making her debut international curling appearance.  Ms Li is the niece of prominent Hong Kong entrepreneur Mr Charlie Li, President of Breathing Fire Nicotine.

In other news, Singaporean coast guard were recently involved in assisting a distressed Australian vessel which entered Singapore waters without permission.  The Seadragon was on a trip from Queensland and strayed into Singapore waters when under the command of second mate, Ando Grase.  Mr Grase, from New Zealand, blames rough waters resulting in the yacht getting into navigational stress resulting in the trespass.  The stricken boat was towed to calmer waters. Following a search of the boat, Mr Grase and the rest of the crew were permitted to leave, with the super yacht undergoing repairs.

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There Be Dragons In The Deep

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